Catchy song warning! “Tutankhamun, the nine-year old king”

As part of our history topic we learnt the Tutankhamun song from SingUp. Enjoy the video below as you follow the lyrics:

Many years ago, in the land of the Pharaohs,
A young boy lived, not yet fully grown.
Many years ago, Egypt needed a ruler,
And Tutankhamun ascended the throne.
Tutankhamun, the nine-year-old king,
Tutankhamun, what will the future bring?


Many years ago in the land of the Pharaohs, the young king said:
‘Who will be my Queen?’
Many years ago, he chose Ankhesenamun,
The bride to be was only thirteen!
Tutankhamun, the nine-year-old king,
Tutankhamun, what will the future bring?


Now, for ten years he reigned over Egypt,
But the boy-king was frail, and he died.
He was buried, along with his treasure.
More than three thousand years passed,
The tomb was forgotten,
With the secrets of the Pharaoh inside …


In nineteen-twenty-two, Carter made a discov’ry:
King Tut’s tomb, buried in the sand.
Suddenly the world knew his face and his name:
The most famous Pharaoh in all of the land!
Tutankhamun, the nine-year-old king,
Tutankhamun, what will the future bring?
Tutankhamun, the nine-year-old king,
Tutankhamun, what will the future bring?


Ancient Egyptians!

We have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians in our history topic this term.


We have used many different sources including artefacts to ask questions and historically investigate this fascinating time in history.


Year 5’s favourite topic had to be the Egyptian’s treatment of their dead in particular the process of mummification! We wrote a diary entry as though we were Howard Carter’s team and we made the famous discovery of Ttutankhamun’s tomb:


Arts Week: Chambré Hardman

We have had an amazing Arts Week this week. We were looking at photography and the work of Edward Chambre Hardman.


  • Chambré Hardman was born in Dublin in 1898
  • He moved to Liverpool and set up a photography studio on Rodney Street in the 1920s.
  • He is famous for his portrait photographs
  • His true love was taking landscape and cityscape photography

We used digital photography (iPads) and took a landscape photo in the style of Hardman. We then edited these photos to make them black and white and added a filter.

On our individual canvases, pupils used charcoal pencils to adapt their landscape photo focusing on lightshade and mood.

Here are the art pieces displayed in our gallery:



Here is the pupils artwork:

IMG_0140 IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144

Life Cycles Homework

Dear Parents/Carers,


This term Year 5 have been studying Life Cycles in Science. The class have been incredibly engaged and have really enjoyed learning about life cycles of different animals including stick insects and caterpillars/butterflies.


Through independent work at home pupils should research and create an information poster or model about the life cycle of an animal.


Possible research topics could include:

  • Animals that go through metamorphosis (caterpillars to butterflies)
  • Animals that begin life as an egg
  • Stick insect life stages:
  • Egg, nymph, sub-adult and adult
  • Butterfly/caterpillar life stages:
  • Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis (cacoon), butterfly



The project is due the second week back after half term; this will be the week beginning Monday 13th June. Please come and see me if there are any problems or you require any resources.


Yours faithfully,

Mr Mountjoy